Dear Cable Customers,

(updated 6/29/17)

We learned this morning that Spectrum has started disconnecting our former customers.

If you are an Internet Nebraska cable customer whose service has stopped working, please call Spectrum directly at 855-686-2569 and ask that your service be reactivated. Their local office can be reached at 402-421-0300. You can also visit their office at 5400 S 16th St.

We continue to seek new options to provide service to our customers in Lincoln. If you live in an ALLO-serviceable area, give them a call at 855-559-2708 and mention that you’re a Internet Nebraska customer, or Sign up on their site.

If you have a Windstream home phone line, you can Sign up for DSL right now.

If you’re not in ALLO territory and don’t have a Windstream home phone line, please fill out our Interest Form and we’ll reach out as soon as we have a new solution for serving you. If you have questions or problems, please call us at 402-434-8680.

For full details on the situation, please read below.

(updated 6/20/17)

We’ve made significant progress on new options for our customers, but unfortunately those options will not be available to you by June 24.

If you can get ALLO where you live and haven’t done so already, go sign up. Just make sure you tell ALLO that you are an Internet Nebraska subscriber!

If you live outside that area and haven’t yet switched providers, here’s what we know. Spectrum has been telling many of our customers that if they take no action by June 24, they will keep their existing speeds and prices that they enjoyed through us. We can’t promise that this will happen since we’re not in control of this situation, but many of our customers are taking their chances and not immediately switching.

We’ll keep working on our new options, we’ll keep working with ALLO bring service to you, and we’ll do our best to keep you informed here and via email.

We have some important information to share regarding your internet service through Internet Nebraska.

You probably received a letter at the end of April notifying you about the loss of your internet access. We were just as surprised as our customers about this unfortunate news, and we’ve been hard at work coming up with new options for everyone affected by this decision.

That letter made it sound like you were going to get shut off immediately, but you actually have until June 24 to make a change.

Update Your Contact Information and we’ll keep you informed about exciting new options in your area.

Before we get to the good news, I wanted to explain why you received that letter. A decade ago, Internet Nebraska and Time Warner Cable entered into an agreement that allowed us to provide our customers with internet access over Time Warner Cable’s network. After the merger of Charter and Time Warner Cable (to form a company now known as Spectrum), we continued to enjoy the benefit of that arrangement and our customers were able to keep their plans through Internet Nebraska. Spectrum has decided to end that agreement, and our customers are being required to find a new internet service provider. What the letter didn’t mention was the timing of that change. You have until June 24 to switch providers.

Here’s the good news… ALLO has agreed to help us provide a new home for Internet Nebraska customers on its new all-fiber network in Lincoln!

Like Internet Nebraska, ALLO is locally owned and operated, and we’re really excited to be working with fellow Nebraskans to provide the services that you deserve. Our agreement with ALLO gives our customers access to speeds up to a gigabit per second–that’s 66 times faster than the service you currently have–as well as phone and television service.

That’s not all we’ve been working on, though! We’ve also been working with Windstream to get access to speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and to do so without without the need of a phone line. For customers that have a Windstream phone line, we’ll soon be able to serve you with faster speeds than you currently have. For those without a Windstream phone line we should be able to serve you soon, too!

Internet Nebraska has internet plans other than cable that you might be able to access right now.

If you have a Windstream home phone line, you can switch to our DSL platform at any time. Head over to our DSL Order Page to get that process started.

For those without a Windstream home phone line, we’re working on some promising new options that will allow us to continue to serve you without the need for one. We expect to have answers on those options in the next two weeks, and we’ll be in touch once we do.

If you already switched away from Internet Nebraska, we don’t blame you at all. That letter made it sound like you were getting shut off immediately! Even if you’ve already switched to another provider, we wanted to let you know that we’re working on these new service options. Update Your Contact Information and we’ll keep you posted on any new developments!

Thanks so much for being our customer, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with one of our exciting new services.

Brian O’Neal
Internet Nebraska

(last updated 6/29/17)


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