About Internet Nebraska

Internet Nebraska has been serving Nebraska communities since 1994. Internet Nebraska was founded to ensure local, high-quality, affordable Internet access and services. We have provided reliable access and personal service ever since.

We are proud of our Internet and computer expertise. We were using networked computers before there was an Internet, but we take special pride in how we deal with people and their problems, not just their computers and networks.

If we haven’t met, let us take a moment to introduce ourselves to you.

Brian O'Neal

CEO, President

In his nearly two decades at Internet Nebraska, Brian has worn almost every hat and occupied almost every role. His love of technology drives him to continually learn and experiment with new software and hardware, focusing primarily on linux-based open source solutions.

When he isn’t building contraptions with his kids or kayaking with his wife, he spends his time supporting local nonprofits, gaming with friends and enjoying the fine work of our local brewers.

Steve Weaver

COO, Vice President

Steve has more than 25 years of experience in information technology, having done everything from support to sales to engineering on everything from personal computers to server clusters, 2400 baud modems to multi-gigabit routers.

While he specializes in system design, implementation, troubleshooting, and maintenance, Steve also oversees many non-technical operations at Internet Nebraska, including managing the support desk and enterprise customer outreach. 

If you require Internet access and services, we can provide all the expertise you need. If you have an interest or questions, we will be pleased to talk with you. We invite you to ‘ask around.’ The best commentary on our services is provided by the many businesses, organizations, schools, families, and individuals that we serve. We look forward to meeting you.



PO Box 5301
Lincoln, NE 68505

(402) 434-8680
(800) GET-INET