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We are excited to announce that ALLO, another locally owned and operated Nebraska company, has agreed to help us provide even faster internet speeds to our customers. Internet Nebraska and ALLO, a Nelnet company, are ready to offer you better service and better internet options!

Here are a few reasons to be excited about our partnership with ALLO:


300 Mbps standard internet speed with the option to go even faster with a 1 GIG upgrade


The same awesome Internet Nebraska support team you’ve always had, now backed by ALLO’s amazing team


ALLO’s GigaCenter™ router is included and connects over 100 devices simultaneously


ALLO’s 100% fiber-to-the-home connection ensures a secure, consistent, and incredibly fast experience


Get the most out of your fiber connection when you bundle internet with TV and phone


With ALLO you can keep your Internet Nebraska email, contacts, and peace of mind

You will continue to receive the same exceptional customer service from Internet Nebraska, now with the power of ALLO’s fiber-backed network. We’ve been serving Nebraskans since 1994 and are proud to work with ALLO to offer better service choices to our customers. We hope you’ll sign up today to experience the ALLO fiber difference in partnership with Internet Nebraska.

Plans and Pricing

20 Mbps

  • Up to 4 HD Streams
  • Local Technical Support
  • No Contract
  • No Taxes or Fees
  • No Data Caps


  • Up to 200 HD or 40 Ultra HD Streams
  • Local Technical Support
  • No Contract
  • No Taxes or Fees
  • No Data Caps

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need my own modem/router?

Nope! ALLO provides all the equipment necessary to get you connected.

Can I use my own router?

Yes, but ALLO won’t be able to guarantee that you’ll be able to get your full speed unless you use their equipment.

How do I get WiFi?

The ALLO GigaCenter router is capable of gigabit wireless speeds.

Is it fast enough for video streaming?

Services such as Netflix will gauge your download speed and play back at a resolution it can maintain. If you want consistent HD video (720p or above) or to have multiple devices streaming simultaneously, you will want our 20 Mbps (or faster) plan. If you have a 4k television, you’ll want the 100 Mbps plan (or faster).

Is it fast enough for video games?

Video games, contrary to popular to belief, do not require an enormous amount of bandwidth to function. However, video games are heavily dependent on latency (the speed in which your bits go to and from their locations). If it is just you playing the game, 20 Mbps will be fine for actual playability, however, downloading of the game or updates may take longer due to the transfer rate.

Do you throttle my speeds and/or is there a limit to my usage?

No, and no!

How are you different from ALLO?

Internet Nebraska is working with ALLO to provide access to communities across Nebraska. Our plans are delivered using ALLO’s infrastructure, and our billing is handled through ALLO.

What sets us apart is our Support Team (though ALLO’s is also awesome!). If you have trouble with your connection, email, wireless or anything else related to a network, we’re happy to help!

Do you offer cable TV or Phone services?

Internet Nebraska does not offer those services directly, but if you sign up for our internet access plans, you can add TV and phone through ALLO while scheduling your install!

Order and

What is the installation process like?

The typical order and installation process looks like this:

  1. Give us a call (or submit an order through our site and we’ll call you)
  2. We’ll take some basic information from you and verify that your address is serviceable
  3. You’ll be patched over to our installation scheduling group, who will:
    1. confirm your information
    2. schedule an install date and time with you*
  4. On your installation date, an ALLO installer will arrive and install your service
  5. Give us a call back to let us know everything went smoothly and to configure your email and other services

*Someone 18 and older must be at the residence for the installation.

Will I need a new line run to my house or apartment?

Yes.  The first step to building a gigabit community is constructing the underground infrastructure needed for our fiber-to-the-home service. Ducts are run underground which hold the fiber optic cable and connect to pedestals we install to house the wiring. Installation to your home will be underground, usually following the same route as existing telephone or television cabling. ALLO will access front and back yards depending on where your neighborhood power and communications utilities are located. Next, fiber is run from the pedestal in your neighborhood easement and installed on the side of your house within a fiber interface box.

When ALLO brings the fiber optic cable into your home, their technicians will try to make use of existing holes (perhaps made by previous providers to pull in their cable). If any drilling is required they’ll speak with you to ensure your approval of the location and necessary construction.

Throughout the process they will keep you informed and respond to questions while respecting your privacy and property.

How long does it take to get installed?

ALLO is in the process of building its network throughout Lincoln.  If you live in an area where they have already built out their network, installation may take 5-15 days.  If you live outside the serviceable area, we’ll let you know when we arrive!


Is there a charge for the ALLO router?


When are bills due?

ALLO has two bill cycles, your cycle is determined by your installation date.

If your statement shows your bill is due on the 1st then your bill includes charges from the 10th of the previous month through the 9th of the following month. You should receive your bill around the 17th of each month.

If your statement shows your bill is due on the 15th then your bill includes charges from the 24th of the previous month through the 23rd of the following month. You should receive your bill around the 1st of each month.

Can I do automatic payments?

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the fancy technical term for automatic monthly payments made using a checking account or credit card. Choosing to make automatic monthly bill payments will waive the $150 security deposit required prior to installation. Depending on your date of installation, your automatic payment will be withdrawn either on the 1st or the 15th of each month. If the 1st or 15th falls on a weekend or holiday the payment will be withdrawn the following business day.

New customers who opt for auto-payments at service sign up will see payments automatically withdraw starting with their first bill. Existing customers must submit auto-payment information at least one week prior to the ALLO statement due date in order for the payment to go through on the current month’s bill. You can sign up for auto-payment here.

What will my first bill look like?

Your first bill amount may vary from what was initially quoted by an ALLO team member. Please don’t be alarmed. Depending on your installation date your first bill may reflect charges for service extending beyond our general 30 day bill cycle. The date range should be listed on the first page of your bill. Future bills will reflect what was quoted to you unless you make changes to your account.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes! Navigate here to pay online.

Still need help? Let us know!

For any other questions, please write us at or call us at 402.434.8680


PO Box 5301
Lincoln, NE 68505

(402) 434-8680
(800) GET-INET